Dhak Bahiri Caves – One of the most difficult treks



Hi all. I am sorry to say that I haven’t posted anything on my blog since last around 6 months. I completed so many treks during those days and now I am back again to share my lovely experiences.

In my this comeback article I would love to write about my one of the most difficult treks ever. On 4th January 2015 we decided to visit Dhak Bahiri caves, which are located close to Kamshet City. Kamshet is around 45 Km away from Pune. Before visiting Dhak Bahiri I heard so many things about this place that it is too risky and dangerous place to visit. You need to climb a rock patch, in the 90-degree to ground level, of around 50 – 60 feet by using rope and iron rods. If you lost your grip then you will get fell down in a valley and no hope of being alive after that.

After hearing this all I was personally little bit scared and that is why we canceled our Dhak Bahiri trekking plan many times before. But finally we found some one who was able to guide us and gave us the guarantee that he will bring us back safely. One of my friends Avinash Dhakol, who had visited Dhak Bahiri caves many times and he was familiar with the route as well. So we decided to visit Dhak Bahiri caves as with having all the responsibilities on the shoulders of Avinash.


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There were six people in our group – I, Avinash, Dhiraj, Shivraj, Onkar and Narkhede Uncle – The youngest group member of around 55 years old. We all gathered in Kamshet city in the morning at around 8 o’clock and moved towards the base village Jambhavali. From base village it took around an hour to reach up to the base of caves. It is necessary to have a person with you who should be familiar to the route and as I have written before, Avinash was there in this role. Before actual beginning of the rock patch you need to get down through a very narrow area between two mountains.

After small narrow patch, we walked a half circular path to a mountain with just a help of a iron rod. There was very narrow space to walk just as we can put only feet at a time. We were very walking slowly and safely from that area. Then after some time we reached actually at the base of the rock patch from where actual climbing was going to start. There was a strong rope attached and some iron rods as well. We started climbing here one by one and Avinash was there to support us. He came after all of us reached safely in the caves. As I still remember that my legs were actually shivering while climbing the topmost part of the rock patch. But finally, successfully we all reached inside the caves. Here I would like to mention about the Narkhede uncle who reached inside before all of us and that is why I called him the youngest group member.

Dhak Bahiri caves are so simple as you can’t see any kind of beautiful carving art over there. Inside the caves there are two water tanks and a small temple of Hindu god Bhairavnath. The nice thing is that, there are all types of utensils available inside the caves, which you can use to cook food. We cooked rice over there, we had some food with us and enjoyed our lunch in the caves. After taking some rest we decided to climb down.

It was around 1 PM and we were getting down the rock patch again with the help of ropes and iron rods. It was more risky than getting up but finally I did it and completed one of my dream treks. It was really a great memorable experience and it really helps me to boost up my confidence and to get rid of fear of height. We reach at base village on around 3 o’clock and reached home at 5. I would like to say that every person who loves trekking should definitely visit this place. Personally I will definitely love to be here again.

Enjoyed walking trek from Mahabaleshwar to Pratapgad fort

Pratapgad fort is one of the special forts in history of Maratha Empire, due to bravery of Shivaji Raje and Maratha army. Afjalkhan was one of Adilshahi commander who was ordered to capture or kill Shivaji Raje. He attacked on Swarajya with huge army. Everyone was thinking that Afjalkhan could easily capture Shivaji Raje. Finally Shivaji Raje and Afjalkhan decided to meet at the base of Pratapgad fort. During this meet Shivaji Raje killed Afjalkhan and Adilshahi army lost the battle. Due to this incidence Pratapgad fort is very special in history and I was very eager to visit here.

Finally I got the chance to visit Pratapgad due to my one of the close friends Sumit. He saw somewhere in Chinchwad city a board about walking trek from Mahabaleshwar to Pratapgad which was organized by Sardar Gavade Pratishthan and he informed me about this plan. I immediately said yes and one of our common friends Apurva also joined us. I think it was 24th May 2014, we left from Chinchwad city towards Pratapgad fort around 5 am. It was my first trek with huge crowd. There were two buses having around 200 people, including kids as well. Nilesh Gawade was the organizer, our guide and a very friendly person.


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Distance was around 140 km. We take a halt in between for breakfast and reached at Mahabaleshwar around 11 am. As per my expectation our walking route was through the mountains of Mahabaleshwar. Although it was month of May, it was cool and pleasant nature. It was nice walking experience with crowd and we reached up to base village of Pratapgad after around 3 hours walk. There was a temple in base village. We all done with our lunch over there and moved on towards fort. After walk of around one more hour we reached finally at Pratapgad fort.

Pratapgad fort is in good condition as compared with other forts in Maharashtra. Chilkhati Buruj, temple of goddess Bhavani are some of the must-see places on the fort. At the base of the fort, there is tomb of Afjalkhan but entry is restricted. We visited all of these places and clicked some snaps. Our buses were already there at the base of Pratapgad as it was one-side walking trek. So by the same route we came back to Chinchwad city at around 12 in night.

It was overall a nice and easy walking trek. Pratapgad fort is really a best one-day return tourist spot from Pune city. As there is a well-built road up to the entrance of the fort so you can plan the trip even with kids as well. I would definitely love to visit Pratapgad fort again.