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If you are planning for a long trip to Pune city then I would like to suggest you that must have visit to the Lohagad fort. If travel around 52 km towards western direction of Pune city then you can reach up to base village of the fort.  It would nice to visit here especially in rainy and winter season.

I have been to Lohagad couple of times yet. From all of the tourist places which I have visited yet, Lohagad is one of my favorite. Just not because it is close from my leaving place but also it is one of the forts is Maharashtra(A state in India) which is still in well developed condition. It always feels so proud while entering in Lohagad through its huge, historic and well conditioned entrance doors.

I visited here first time when I was in second year of my college. I was too excited because I heard so many good words about this place before visiting here. Obviously it was not a disappointing experience. Cool breathing air and beautiful greenery around the fort delights the mood.

To reach up to Lohagad fort you need to take a train from Pune city and get down at Malavali railway station. Then you need to take a long walk from Malavali to Bhaje village. You have reserved so much time to wander then you can give a quick visit to ancient Bhaje caves as well. After crossing Bhaje caves just start walking towards the Lohagad fort. If you have your own vehicle then you can travel by Bombay Pune high way, take a left turn towards Malavali village after around 50 km from Pune. You can park you vehicle in Bhaje village so can skip the walking distance of Malavali station to Bhaje village.

Bhaje Caves

Bhaje Caves

From the base of the fort you can easily view the fort wall and greenery around. If the rainy season it would be nice experience of having walk from Bhaje to fort base. You can enjoy a lot under so many waterfalls and enjoy the beauty of nature.

There are so many monkeys on and around the fort. Just be careful from them. They can steal you food items and even gadgets as well.

From base of the Lohagad you can reach up to the top of the fort by climbing some stairs. You will come across three huge and royal entrance doors of the wall and you can see the royalty of the fort wall as well. On the top of the fort you can see a small mosque and a Shiv temple as well. Lohagad is really a great place where you can see such combination of holy building of Muslim and Hindu community.

You can enjoy nice swimming experience in two huge water tanks on the top of the fort. Unfortunately I never get the chance to visit Lohagad in rainy season so I could not swim in those huge, historical water tanks and by the way I am not a good a swimmer as well.

Laxmi cave is also one of the best points to see on Lohagad fort which is still unknown for most of the tourists. If you have to spend a night on fort then Mosque is the best option to stay but if you have more group members then Laxmi cave would be better one. It is a huge cave from inside such as we I played cricket there. I found this place in my second trip to Lohagad. Just have some walk towards left side from Shiva temple then you will reach up to Laxmi caves.

Vinchu Kata

Vinchu Kata

Vinchu Kata is the best sightseeing spot on Lohagad fort to enjoy the great beauty of nature. Shape of this spot is just like tail of Vinchu(Scorpio) that is why it is called as Vinchu Kata. After watching mosque and Shiva temple if you move towards another end of the fort then you would get close to Vinchu kata. It is really a must visit spot on Loahagad fort.

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I would like to request every travel loving person to have a visit to Loahagad fort. It will definitely help to make this beautiful place more popular.