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As I remember, after visiting Rajgad fort, we all planned to visit Tung fort which is located close to my living place. Tung fort is just hardly 25 km away from Lonavala Railway station and Lonavala is just 30 km away from my living place Vadgaon.

We all decided to visit the fort on 26th January 2011. As it is republic day of India and a government holiday as well. That is why there were so many members in out trekking group. We all were near about 18 in numbers. We all decided to travel by bikes and due to lack of bikes we traveled triple sit as well and broke the traffic rule.

On the 26th January 2011, me and Prashant left from our home in very early morning and reached at Lonavala city. Unfortunately Dhiraj was not with us. Mayur also joined us on the way. Before this trip Mayur was unknown for me but now we are good friends of each other. We all of the 18 gang members gathered In Lonavala city and we moved towards the Tung fort.

A group Photo At Tiger Point

A group Photo At Tiger Point

We took our first halt at Tigers point in Lonavala. Tigers Point is a great sightseeing place in Lonavala city and cool, breathing air welcomed us. There is a straight huge rock patch at the end of this place so always be careful while getting around here. We spent some time there, took some photos and again moved toward the Tung fort.

Near about at 11 am we reached at the base village of Tung fort. From the base we all were trying to tress the way to climb the fort but we found just nothing. We asked to a local citizen about way to climb the fort. He showed us the rout and we started to climb. It was not much difficult to climb and it takes hardly an hour to reach on fort but it was really amazing experience. There is nothing special to watch on the top but I love the cool air and surrounding beauty of nature. There is a very small temple of goddesses on the top and an underground room as well. It was a nice experience when I was there in underground room. Indian flag was already there on the top of fort. We all perform the flag salutation and sung the national anthem. Still that day I had done flag salutation only in my school and it was the first time to do it at on the fort top.

Climbing Tung Fort

Climbing Tung Fort

About fort I would say that fort was not in good condition. Some of the border wall of fort was in better condition but requires the preservation most. Surrounding nature and atmosphere was really great.

While we were reaching down from Tung then someone kept the plan about to visit Korigad fort as well. Korigad is just 17 km away from Tung and we reached at the base village within just half an hour. Some of our group members were tired so we took some rest at the base of fort, ate some snacks and cold drinks and started to climb up Korigad.

Korigad is comparatively a very huge fort and well preserved. When we were climbing the fort then some preservation work was going on.

Rest At Base of Korigad

Rest At Base of Korigad

There were some small cannons on the top and surprisingly a lake also. We enjoyed a lot on the bank of lake and there was huge plane surface on the top. If you have to walk the entire diameter of the fort then it would take around half an hour.

Just like the previous trip, Sunil was our master chef and he brought the tasty Paneer Sabji. We all brought the Rotis and some other food items as well. We enjoyed the food with crazy, funny discussion. After lunch we all came down and move back to Lonavala.

It was really an amazing trip and I love both of the forts. Tung is really great fort but needs some maintenance. Korigad was under maintenance when we visited and I hope it would be well developed now.