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As I am a follower of the great Shivaji Maharaj who was founder of Maratha empire so Shivneri fort was always in my wish list. As Shivneri fort is birth place of Shivaji Maharaj So I was too excited to be on fort on the day of my visit.

I was in college, completing my graduation and within those days we all college friends planned our trip to Shivneri fort. As I remember it was December month of 2011. We all decided to gather at Shivajinagar bus stop and picked our bus early in the morning. We were around eight friends in the group and we moved toward Junnar city which is base village of Shivneri.

View of Shivneri Fort From Junnar City

View of Shivneri Fort From Junnar City

We started walking towards Shivneri from Junnar bus stop and it was clear sunny, bright day so we could see fort wall even from the base of the mountain. Shivneri is a best tourist place to visit even with family or kids. As there is a well maintained road up to the stapes of the forts and all steps are also easy to climb. There is no any risk factor get on the fort.

Fort wall is still in good condition and it sounds like government is also looking towards the preservation of the fort. As we enter in the Shivneri fort there was a small garden inside and we took some rest there and after we started moving towards the actual location of birth place of Shivaji Maharaj.     

Shiv Mandir - Birth Place of Shivaji Maharaj

Shiv Mandir – Birth Place of Shivaji Maharaj

After a long walk of around 20 minutes we reached up to the actual building of birth place. There was so much open area around it and building was also well maintained. Birth place is commonly known as Shiv Mandir (Temple of Shivaji) so everyone must have to remove footwear before entering in Shiv Mandir. It was really a nice feeling when I was inside the Shiv Mandir. We spent some time there and move towards to see some other points on Shivneri Fort.

From all other points to see on Shivneri fort, Kadelot point s a place which you should not miss. It is one of the highest locations from the mountain with huge straight rock patch behind. As there is a wall built around Kadelot point with enough height so there is no any risk factor even you visit here with kids.

Temple of goddess Shivai is also a place you should not miss. It is a temple which was built even before the birth of Shivaji Maharaj. There were remains of some other ancient buildings and some small ancient water tanks as well but water was not potable.

kadelot Point on Shivneri Fort

kadelot Point on Shivneri Fort

There are some small food stalls as well on the fort which can offer you some cold drinks, fruits, curd and buttermilk as well. After watching all of these places, we again came back towards the garden area and completed our lunch. As we all were tired by wandering on Shivneri, so we took some rest here. As it was almost evening so we leave from Shivneri fort after taking some rest. We picked our bus from Junnar bus stop and came back in Pune city.

It was really a nice one day trip to Shivneri fort. It is really a good thing that fort is somehow maintained and preserved by government and that is why so many tourists are taking interest to visit Shivneri Fort. If you are not visited here yet then don’t make it too late to plan your trip.