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Pune is normally known as Poona and is 8th largest city in India and second in Maharashtra after Mumbai. As there are various educational institutes, colleges in Pune city and Pune university is known as one of most preferred universities among so many foreigner students as well. That is why Pune also holds the honor of “Oxford of The East“.

If you have to plan a trip to Pune then it would be really a nice idea. There are various tourist attractions to visit in and around Pune City. If you have to visit some historical places in Pune then Shaniwar Wada, Aga Khan Palace are some of the best of them. But you are going to have a long stay in Pune City then you can visit to many forts around here. All of these forts are just like a best tourist spots for a one day return trip from Pune and it would be a nice sightseeing experience as well. I have created a small presentation about top 5 forts where you can easily plan your trip. I hope it would give best introductory information about these forts.