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After completing my education up to 12th standard I took admission for graduation course in Modern College Pune. Before taking admission, I had visited very few tourist attractions in Pune. Once my father told me about Pataleshwar Caves. Jangali Maharaj Road is one of the most popular areas in Pune City, known for various restaurants, shopping malls and commonly called as JM Road. My father told me that there is a cave very close to JM Road and first of all I thought that he is kidding with me. But as he told me more information about actual location of Pataleshwar Cave, it increased my eagerness to visit here. Just after some days after I asked about Pataleshwar Caves to Chaitanya, one of my close college friends, who was also with me on the trip of Shivnery Fort. Chaitanya said that he had visited there before and he agreed to be there again with me.

One day we both planned to visit Pataleshwar and we reach there after our college lectures completed. As my college was also located within Pune City so it was too easy for us to travel. After living from college we reached at Pataleshwar Caves within just 30 minutes. I was so surprised due to the location of caves. As told you, now there is a big show room of Honda Motorcycles in the front of entrance of caves. Some of the best restaurants in Pune are also located much closer. Showroom of some world class sport and garment brand like Reebok, Adidas, Levies are also there. So it was unexpected for me that there could be an ancient cave at such area.

At Pataleshwar cave you can visit an ancient temple of Hindu god Shiva.  After walking some distacnce from entrance you reached up to the actual location of cave. There is no artistic carving or huge monuments but still place is worth to visit. As you entered in main central area of cave, you can see a statue of an oxe, commonly known as “Nandi”, vehicle of lord Shiva. You can also visit inside the Shiv temple and there are some ancient cube shaped rooms. A small garden is also made there at the front of the cave where you spend the relax time. A beautiful temple of Jangali Maharaj is also very close to Pataleshwar Caves. You can reach there by just walk of some minutes and it is also a great spiritual spot to visit. As compared to some other caves in India Pataleshwar is so small in size but still a good tourist spot to Visit in Pune City. As since last so many years I am traveling to Pune City and some time it feels so crowded, noisy and polluted but if you have to get rid of this all then having a visit to Pataleshwar caves for few minutes is also worth for relaxing.

Image courtesy :- My Friend Sumit Buchke