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In my one of the previous article about best forts around Pune City, I have written some introductory information about Sinhagad Fort. I hope you have read it. Pune is one of the most crowded cities in Maharashtra, 8th largest in India and second largest in Maharashtra. Sinhagad for is very close to Pune City that is why it is always loaded with many tourists. Most of the young tourists and college students prefer to visit here during weekends.

As the title of the article suggests that it is place which can be categorized in various types of tourist place. Sinhagad fort can be a hang out place, hiking place, eat out place, adventurous place, sightseeing place, historical place. I have been to Sinhagad fort couple of times yet and enjoyed a lot. It can be a hang out place because there is so much open area on top of the fort so you can enjoy a long walk here with cool breathing air. It can be a hiking spot because you can reach at the top of the fort by climbing a huge mountain. It can be an eat out spot because Sinhagad is a place where you can enjoy the traditional food items of Maharashtra. There are various food stalls on the top which can offer you best “Pithala – Bhakari” and “Kanda – Bhaji”. It can be an adventurous place because climbing the huge mountain to reach up to the top, would be the definitely an adventurous experience. Here you can also enjoy the thrill of valley crossing. It can be a sightseeing spot because you can enjoy the great beauty of nature during the rainy season. The fort would be covered by greenery and it would be the lovely view of surrounding green mountains. Enjoying a sunset and sunrise on Sinhagad could also be a nice experience. The next paragraph will give you the brief idea about why it is a nice historical place as well.

Sinhagad was one of the forts captured by emperor Shivaji during early days of his legendary career. The fort was the part of Maratha emperor for a very long period. I hope you have read some information about battle and treaty of Purandar in my one of the previous articles. According to this treaty Shivaji gave his 23 forts to Aurangazeb and Sinhagad was also one of them. After some of the year Shivaji was planning to attack fort to bring it back to Maratha Empire. It was quite risky and dangerous task to capture the Sinhagad. During those days, one of the oldest commanders of Maratha Empire, Tanaji Malusare visit Shivaji to offer wedding invitation of his son. Tanaji heard about plan of capturing Sinhagad. He insisted to Shivaji to hand over the command of this battle. At a dark night Tanaji attacked on Sinhagad with his men and fought bravely against the Moghal fort commander Udaybhan. But during the battle Tanaji lost his life. Suddenly, Suryaji Malusare, brother of Tanaji took the command of the battle. Shelarmama, maternal uncle of Tanaji, killed Udaybhan and Sinhagad came back to Maratha Empire. As Shivaji heard about this news he arrived on the fort but he felt so sad due to the death of Tanaji. Shivaji said, “Gad Aala Pan Maza Sinha Gela”. It means we won the fort but I lost my lion. According to Shivaji, this dedication and bravery of Tanaji was just like bravery of a lion. Kondhana was the previous name of the fort but after the battle, Shivaji renamed the fort as Sinhagad, it means “The Lions Fort”.

This history of Sinhagad is really so inspiring for me. If you have to visit Sinhagad fort then there are two way to reach up to here from Pune City. You can pick up the public transportation bus from Shanivarwada bus stop of Pune City. Bus will drop you at the base of the fort. From there, you can reach up to the top by some hiring a private sharing vehicle. If you are a hiking and trekking lover and you are physically fit then you can go through climbing the entire mountain. It would be better if you have your own vehicle. You reach directly up to the top of the fort or parking facility is available at the base. As I have already written that I have visited Sinhagad twice and I would definitely love to be there again, especially in rainy season. I request to all of you if you have not visited Sinhagad then must have a visit here and don’t ever forget to take blessing at tomb of the warrior Tanaji Malusare.