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Around Pune city there are very few ancient caves to visit and Bedse cave is a special among all of them. It is a small sized but well cleaned, maintained and preserved cave. In most of the caves in Maharashtra you can see that major carving art has been demolished due to some human or natural act. Fortunately Bedse cave is well maintained by archaeology department and some local citizens of Bedse village.

To visit Bedse caves you have to travel from Pune city towards Lonavala, up to Kamshet city by national highway 4. Distance from Pune to Kamshet is around 50km and journey will take around an hour to complete. Once you reach up to Kamshet then take a left turn towards Pawananagar village. Before Pawana River dam you can see a direction board at left side to take a turn towards Bedase cave within distance of 10km.  You can park your vehicle at the base. Well prepared steps from base will take you up to the actual location of cave within half an hour. As I written before cave area is very small. Main central cave is a huge one among all and you can see a big “stupa” inside. There are several well carved stone pillars inside the cave and you can also see best carving art on cave wall as well. If you hit a strong punch on stone pillars then you also can listen some music slightly. It is really a great piece of architecture. There are some small caves also around and it will take half an hour to watch all of them.

Bedse Caves Entrance

Bedse Caves Entrance

It is really a nice location specially to visit in winter and rainy season. As it not much hard to climb mountain so it is a best tourist place to plan a trip with kids and ladies as well. If you have so much free time then you can visit various other tourist spots as well. As Bedse caves are very small in size, easy to reach and less time consuming so most of the tourist plan their trip along with some another tourist spot surrounded by. After leaving from Bedse village, if you travel further some distance towards Pawana dam then you will come across two rods in opposite direction. The road towards the left side will take you towards the Tikona fort and the road towards right side will take you towards the Pawana dam and Lohagad fort via Dudhivare Khind.

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I have been to Bedse cave once yet on December 2013 along with my friends Prashant, Dhiraj and Shivraj. We leaved from our home at around 10am and reached up to Bedse caves at around 11 am. After wandering in and around the cave area, we enjoyed our breakfast in one of the small caves. Then we moved towards the Pawana dam Dhiraj brought total 15 eggs and we cooked “Anda Bhurji” on the bank of dam. Dhiraj brought all of the required spices and oil as well. We brought many breads and enjoyed our lunch as “Burji – Pav”. After finishing lunch we enjoyed a lot in water of Pawana dam. We leaved from dam at around 5am and reached in Vadgaon around 6pm. It was a small but enjoyable trip experience. This trip also proved that Dhiraj is a good cook.

I would like to request all of the traveler lovers, if you are looking for a small, less crowded but enjoyable tourist location around Pune or Lonavala then Bedase cave is really an ideal one. It is really a best place to have some free, relaxed time and to stay away from noise, pollution. A perfect family tourist spot as well.