I hope you have read my previous article about Purandar fort information. I have been to Purandar fort once yet. During my Purandar trip planning, I heard about Vajragad fort, as it is very close to Purandar and could also be visited. When I visited Purandar fort, due to the lack of time I could not be at Vajragad. From the top of Purandar, Vajragad fort is clearly visible and I have seen it. Fort is also called as Rudramal. So it is my first article on blog about any place where I have not been yet.

As said before Vajragad is very close to Purandar fort so you can follow the same route of Purandar to reach up to Vajragad fort. From Pune City you can take two routes to reach here, via Saswad City or via Narayanpur City. Distance is around 50 – 60 Km and journey will take approx 2 hours to complete. It will take around 3 hours to reach at the top of the fort. You can see some fort wall, entrance on the way. Entrance and fort wall is somehow in good condition. Height and area covered by Vajragad fort is comparatively less than Purandar. On the top of the fort you can see some small ancient water tanks and a small temple of Lord Hanuman. Water is not potable and food service is not available on fort so you should carry your own food and water. It will take approx an hour to see entire fort area.

View of Vajragad Fort From Purandar

View of Vajragad Fort From Purandar

Monsoon and winter are the best seasons to plan a trip to Vajragad and Purandar. You can see beautiful greenery on and around the fort in rainy season. Vajragad fort area is known as a good source of various herbal medicinal plants. You can also see so many beautiful flowers here and purple colored flowers of balsam (Terda) are majorly found on Vajragad.

Unfortunately history of Vajragad fort is unexplored. I already have written some content about battle and treaty of Purandar fort in one of my previous articles. Vajragad fort was also involved in this battle. When Mirza Raje Jaising attacked on Purandar fort then it was really hard to attack on fort by cannon from base. Fort top area was out of the range of cannons and that is why Purandar fort was unbeatable by Moghals. In this situation, Dilerkhan, who was also with Mirja Jaising, planned to capture Vajragad fort before. As Vajragad was comparatively small and easy to capture, so Dilerkhan easily won it. Due to this achievement by Moghal army, entire top of the Purandar fort came under the range of cannons. Dilerkhan attacked Purandar from the top of Vajragad which caused for fall of the Purandar fort. According to treaty of Purandar fort, emperor Shivaji gave his 23 forts to Moghal Empire and Vajragad was also one of them. Shivaji brought the Vajragad back under the Maratha Empire after some years.