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There is a specific reason behind why I have used word “secure” in title of these article. Visapur fort is one of the close forts to my living place. Lohagad Fort and Visapur are much closer to each other. I had been to Lohagad fort many times but never planned a trip to Visapur because there is no any specific route to reach up to the fort. There are so many traps as well on the way. So while planning a trip to Visapur it is most important that you must have a person with you who can guide you about the route. While planning our Visapur trip, we all friends also were looking for a guide for us and finally we found one. That person was Mayur Narkar.

Mayur is one of my friends who was also with on trek of Tung fort, Korigad Fort and Sajjangad Fort. Malavali is one of the closest villages to Visapur fort and Mayur is living there. So have visited Visapur many times and he is completely familiar with route. Last night of our trip day, we called Mayur and he agreed to join us. On the day of trip we leaved early in morning, Mayur joined us on the way and we reached up to the base village “Bhaje”. We parked our bikes in Bhaje village and started walking towards fort according to Mayurs direction. We were around six boys in our group and as stated before Mayur was our guide. Route was actually too complicated as I can’t clearly remember it now.

Mayur actually took all of us from a jungle and on the way we saw a skeleton of an ox. It takes around couple of hours to reach up to the fort top. We reached up to the entrance of the fort and there was a huge carving of lord Hanuman. Mayur told us that there are several carving of Hanuman scattered around as Hanuman is considered as ancient protector of Visaur fort.

On the day of our visit to Visapur, we saw three carvings of Hanuman. Surrounded fort wall is somehow in good condition. There are some ancient water tanks on top of the fort but water is not potable. You can also see some remains of ancient buildings and huge old cannon as well. As compared with Lohagad fort, Visapur is at higher position and also covers huge geographical area. It would take around couple of hours to walk around the fort.

We all friends played cricket inside the remains of ancient buildings. We had our lunch under the shadow of a tree. After taking some rest, we started to climb down the fort. This time Mayur showed us a different route to go down. It was quite difficult than previous one which we took to climb up but less time consuming. From base of the fort we walked up to the Bhaje village, took our vehicles and came back to home. It was all about our safe and secure trip of Visapur fort. Before planning our trip we heard some bad news of travelers those who visit Visapur Fort. As due to the lack of proper idea of route traveler get trapped within forest and in some of the worst conditions even helicopters needed to get them out. Actually it was impossible without guidance of Mayur who makes our trip actually successfully safe.