During my school days first time I heard about Rajmachi fort. My school mate, Aamir visited here and he told me that fort is around 19 km away from Lonavala city. After so many years of this incidence, I decided to visit Rajmachi fort. Actually there were two main reasons behind planning a trek to Rajmachi. Of course I am a trekking lover and I just wanted to check my walking ability. It would be around 45 km walking from both side and I just wanted to check weather I am able to do it or not. I suggested this trekking proposal to my friends and actually it gets canceled twice. So, we were thinking to go for Sudhagad fort which was quite far away from my living place. There were four boys in our group including me, Prashant, Dhiraj and Ganesh, cosine brother of Dhiraj. Just one night before the day of trekking we were confused to choose between either Sudhagad or Rajmachi. After our long discussion we decided to go for Rajmachi as Ganesh was completely familiar with route.

As we needed walk for at least 3- 4 hours so we decided to leave early in the morning. We leaved our homes at around 4 am. We reached in Lonavala city at 4:30 and parked our bikes at a friend’s home. We started walking around 4:45 and it was the time before sunrise so completely dark. Ganesh was our guide and path was not in much better condition so it would be too difficult to reach up to Rajmachi by our bikes. As there was some how cool breathing air so we were not feeling any kind of tiredness. After the sunrise, we got idea about how much distance we had walked and how much is still remaining. Dhiraj was the most tired person. We stopped 2 – 3 times to take some rest and we also were giving some encouragement to Dhiraj to walk faster. Finally we reached up to the base village of fort at around 8 am and it was quite earlier than our expectation. Ganesh have been to Rajmachi many times before so there was family living in base village, Ganesh know them very well. We all kept our bags at their home. They arranged tea and breakfast for us. Dhiraj brought some boiled eggs and told them to make egg curry for us. After having breakfast we all moved out to walk towards fort. It was quite easy to climb and we reached on top within half an hour. It took around one and half hour to wander around top. Overall condition of fort is not well preserved and only some part of fort wall is remaining. There were some ancient water tanks as well on top but water was not potable. You can enjoy awesome view of mountains surrounded by Rajmachi fort. Actually there are two part of Rajmachi fort, Manaranjan and Shrivardhan. As Dhiraj was tired among us so we missed Manaranjan.

We visit entire fort top, took some snaps and came back to base village. There was a beautiful ancient Shiva temple and a huge lake very close to base village. We all visited here as well. It was really lovely feeling where I sat at bank of lake and there was completely peaceful nature surround. As we were so tired due to walking long distance and climbing the fort so we were eagerly waiting for something to eat. Our dish of egg curry was waiting for us when we came back to base village. There was rice, Sabji, Papad, Rotis as well. Food was really so tasty and we enjoyed it. After our lunch we took rest for around half an hour and decided to move back to Lonavala City. It was actually the most crucial part of our journey.

We leaved from base village at around 4 pm and we again had to walk 19 Km. Weather was not as cool, breathing as it was while we came in morning and Dhiraj was so tired. He was also saying that he had a muscle cramp in his leg and it was too difficult for him to walk faster. Finally we started walking at 4 pm. I was walking with Ganesh and after some distance behind us Prashant and Dhiraj were walking comparatively slowly. Prashant was doing the difficult task of giving some encouragement to Dhiraj to walk faster. After some long walk, I and Ganesh took a halt at a point to wait for Prashant and Dhiraj and finally they came after around 45 minutes. After having walked for around half an hour we reached up to the place we had parked our bikes. It was around 7 pm and it was really good result that we covered 19 km distance within only 3 hours even while road condition was also not much better to walk. We took our bikes and reached home at around 8pm. There was a layer of red sand on my dress and shoes. It was quite tiring but lovely walking experience. Due to this walking trek to Rajmachi I personally get idea about my walking ability and now I get confidant about I can cover around 45 km distance in a day by walking.