Now I am going to write something about my one of the special and most memorable trekking plan, because in this travel plan I visited two major forts and another place with awesome beauty of nature, Purandar Fort, Sajjangad Fort and Kaas Plateau. Sajjangad and Kaas Plateau, these places are very close to Satara city. I have already written an article about general tourist and historical information about Purandar fort. Before planning this trip I have been to Sajjangad fort once but never visited Purandar and Kaas Plateau. It was a two day’s trip so we decided to spend a night on Sajjangad fort. There is one more reason, for why this trip is special for me. We covered around 450 KM distance within just two days. It was my first longest trip using my newly purchased Honda Activa with romantic red color.


There were four boys in our group including me, Dhiraj, Prashant and Harish. On the day of our trip, we leaved from our home at around 11am. From Vadgaon Maval we traveled straight on bypass highway. Purandar fort was our first halt. After crossing Katraj, Nasarapur we came close to Narayanpur village by taking a left turn from highway after around 70 KM from Vadgaon. From Naraypur village Purandar fort is around 8 KM away. Distance was little but road was not in good condition and it was a steep way on mountain so it take around an hour for us to reach up to fort base. We parked our bikes and started walking towards the fort. Purandar fort is under control of Indian army so rules are very strict here. Every visitor should carry government approved identity card while entering the fort. Cigarette, alcohol is strictly prohibited and everyone should leave from fort before 5pm. We were at entrance at around 2pm. At the base of Purandar we saw a huge statue of Murarbaji Deshpande. I have written about his bravery in my one of the previous article about historical information of Purandar fort. After checking by army officers we started climbing the fort.


It was very easy to climb and there were no any difficult points or rock patches on the way. So we easily reached up to the fort top. Ancient entrance of the fort, some part of fort wall, remains of ancient buildings and some water tanks were in good condition. Water from some of the water tanks was potable. On the highest peak of the fort there was a well preserved temple of Lord Shiva, commonly known as Kedareshwar. We saw all of the remains, fort wall and walk up to the Shiva temple. It was a great peaceful place on the fort. It was the highest point on Purandar so entire fort area was visible from here. Vajragad fort is a comparatively small fort very close to Purandar and it was also visible from Shiva Temple. We enjoyed our lunch at surrounding open area around the temple. After taking some rest we started getting down from the fort. As I have already written before we should have to leave from fort before 5 pm. We came out within specified time and our next destination was Sajjangad fort near Satara City.


We took our bikes at around 5:30 and started moving towards Narayanpur village. We again had to travel by the same route by which we reach on the mountain. Again it was time consuming journey. In Naraynpur village we visited two temples of Lord Datta and Lord Lord Shiva. We started moving towards Satara city. The distance was around 90 KM and it would take around two hours to complete. It was evening when we leaved Naraypur city and at around 9PM we reached in Satara City. In this entire journey I was so angry on Dhiraj because he was riding my Activa I was just there on back sit. He was not giving me any chance to ride. There was Khed-Shivapur Ghat on the way which could be very difficult for me to ride. I must say that Dhiraj rode by bike very carefully and it should be admired but still I was expecting that he should give me chance to ride at least on plane road.


While we came in Satara city then we all were so hungry and looking for a good restaurant. From we collected some information and decided to have our dinner at Hotel Radhika. I must say that food in hotel Radhika was really awesome and we enjoyed it. There was Maharashtrian Thali within Rs 150 and food was really so delicious. I loved Kadhi and buttermilk and as I remembered now I and Dhiraj drunk around 8 glasses of buttermilk. If you have to visit Satara city ever then I will recommend having your food at Hotel Radhika. It was planned that we would spend night on Sajjangad fort but while enjoying our food we heard a shocking statement. Everyday doors of Sajjangad fort get closed at 9PM and it was almost 9:30 while we were in Radhika Hotel. So accommodation was then major issue for us. There were so many hotels and lodges in Satara city but as accommodation on Sajjangad fort is completely free so accordingly we did not carry that much money with us. There was a middle sized accommodation hotel near Radhika. After long discussion with hotel owner finally he agreed to give us a shared room with one more existing customer within very reasonable cost. It was all about good bargaining skill of Prashant. Finally we got a room to spend a night. As we all were so tired so after having some discussion in room, we all slept at around 11pm.

A great visit to great Purandar fort, awesome biking journey and delicious food in Satara, it was our conclusion of first day of journey. On second day of our journey was still waiting for us with new traveling experiences. Let’s see in my next article about how lovely the second day was.