Before I tell you about my traveling experience I would love to share some historical information about battle of Umberkhind. This story of Umberkhind battle will definitely amaze you.

Can you believe that a group of around 3000 soldiers can easily win a battle against 20,000 soldiers ? Umberkhind is the place where this magic happened.

In around 1660, Swarajya – Maratha Empire was well established. But it was not a good thing for AurangazebMughal emperor. So, Aurangazeb assigned the task of destroying Maratha Empire to his maternal uncle Shahista Khan. While Shahista Khan reached in Pune city, he ordered one of his commanders – Kartalab Khan to attack on Konkan area of Swarajya. He decided to enter in Konkan via route of Umberkhind and it was his big mistake. During those days Umberkhind area was covered by forest and there was very small road for traveling. Shivaji Maharaj decided to take advantage of this nature of Umberkhind. He set around 3000 soldiers in surrounded trees such as they all could not be visible to army of Kartalab Khan. But soldiers of Kartalab Khan were visible for Shivaji’s soldiers. While all 20,000 soldiers entered in Umberkhind, Shivaji’s soldiers attacked on them. It was an unexpected attack and all soldiers of Khan were unprepared for it. Shivaji’s army killed most of the soldiers from Khan’s army. Some of them try to run out of Umberkhind but it was not possible. Netaji Palkar and Shivaji Maharaj were already there at the end and start of Umberkhind. So all soldiers of Khan were trapped in Umberkhind. Kartalab Khan lost his almost entire army of around 20,000 soldiers. Shivaji also demand for some treasure, cannons, weapons to Kartalab Khan to escape alive from Umberkhind. Finally Khan agreed all conditions and he turned back towards Pune. It was a big loss for Kartalab Khan and Shivaji succeed to beat him with comparatively very little army.

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I read this story of Umberkhind battle in many historical novels. I was very eager to visit to this place. Finally, unexpectedly I visited here. In month of May 2014, I was on the way of Shimadi village near Khopoli area to attend wedding reception of a friend. I was along with three friends. As we all reached in Shimadi village we saw that reception ceremony was not started yet. So our newly wedded friend told us that Umberkhind point is quite close to Shimadi so we all decided to visit there. I was so excited and Umberkhind monument point was around 5 Km away from Shimdi. We all four friends visited here and it was really nice experience. There is a good road to reach up to monument of Umberkhind battle. It was nice experience of unexpectedly visiting a place, which was already in my wish list.