About Me

Hi Guys. . . I am a travel loving person and personally I like to visit forts, caves and historical monuments. I am writing this blog to share my traveling experience with all of you. Traveling and listening music are the only nice things in my life, which helps me to refresh myself.

Prasad Joshi

Prasad Joshi

I always think that we must have to share our traveling experience, because it could be useful for other travelers to plan their trips. That is why I thought,  writing a blog would be a nice idea to share my experiences. I have visited total 56 forts yet and still there are so many pending in wish list. I hope I will be there soon. From my blog, I will keep sharing my traveling experiences as well as I will try to provide useful tourist information about various places to see in India. I hope my blog will definitely provide you useful tourist information and inspire you plan your own trips. Please give me your feedback about my blog by just posting your comments on my posts. Just feel free to contact me any time on my contact details are mentioned below.


Personal Mail ID -Email Me at: prasadjoshi1991@gmail.com

My Twitter Profile  – Follow me at :- https://twitter.com/imprasadjoshi

Count Forts Caves Other Places
1 Raigad Karla Umberkhind
2 Rajgad Bhaje Dukes Nose
3 Lohagad Bedase Kalasubaai
4 Visapur Ajnata Katraj To Sinhagad (K2S)
5 Tung Ellora Mahabaleshwar To Pratapgad
6 Tikona Ghoravadeshwar Bhorgiri To Bhimashankar
7 Korigad Pataleshwar Dhak Bahiri To Bhivgad
8 Rajmachi
9 Ghangad
10 Sarasgad
11 Sajjangad
12 Purandar
13 Devgiri
14 Sinhagad
15 Shivneri
16 Pratapgad
17 Rohida
18 Torana
19 Rayareshwar
20 Kenjalgad
21 Bahadurgad (Pedgaon Fort)
22 Doulatmangal (Bhuleshwar)
23 Pedaka Fort
24 ManikPunj
25 RajDeher
26 Nastnapur
27 Kanhergad
28 Malhargad
29 Harihar Fort
30 SangramDurga
31 Sudhagad
32 Karnala
33 HarishchandraGad
34 Gorakhgad
35 Sondai
36 Salher
37 Mulher
38 Salota
39 Hargad
40 Morgad
41 Janjira
42 Kamalgad
43 Madhu-Makrandgad
44 Ratangad
45 Ajinkyatara
46 Kalyangad
47 Morgiri
48 Narayangad
49 Bhivgad
50 Mohangad
51 Kavalya
52 Santoshgad
53 Kailasgad
54 Vasota
55 Dhak bahiri
56 KalavantinDurg



1 thought on “About Me”

  1. good one bro
    thanx for this initiative to share a good knowledge about out beautiful forts available in india

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